3 Things to Daily Take From Galatians


Sometimes God has a cool way of reiterating what He wants us to learn. I started reading Galatians a couple of months ago. I finished up and moved on in my reading plan but I never felt done. I decided to go back and spend a little more time with Paul’s letter. Soon after, I found myself in a study of Galatians in church. Then it seemed everywhere I looked something was popping up from that book. I definitely want to spend more time writing on the things God has shown me but for sake of time – I do have a day job – I will be doing a condensed version of a few things I have found pretty cool. Mainly, ok only, about faith, because that is a pretty clear focus in Galatians.

1. We receive the Spirit by hearing with faith (Gal 3:2). It seems so easy to comprehend. Paul tells them more than once how foolish they are for believing it could be done any other way. The Galatians were holding strong to their laws. Foolish. Like the Galatians, I believe there are things I hold strong to; work I feel I need to do to measure up to where I should be. Foolish. I can only grow by hearing with faith, receiving the Spirit, and God working in me by His Spirit.

2. He supplies His Spirit to us and works miracles among us by hearing with faith (Gal 3:5). I believe I can live for God powerfully through the Holy Spirit. I also believe I get bored with daily life and want to be used in greater ways or see greater things being done in and of my life. In those day in and day out moments, I have to remind myself to be led by the Holy Spirit, because God’s best work can and is done in moments when I feel like nothing exciting or worthy is happening. My heart must be surrendered to Him daily to seek His will and not mine.

3. We receive the promised Spirit through faith (Gal 3:13-14). Because Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law through His work on the cross we can receive the promised Spirit through faith. Not only are our sins forgiven, God loved us enough to provide Himself as a living presence with us every day. Wow.

Three seemingly simple things to remember. Three amazing truths about a God who loves us.





4 thoughts on “3 Things to Daily Take From Galatians”

  1. This is a beautiful list post. I haven’t done mine yet, but I am inspired by you. I feel like I am walking away feeling and knowing better.


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