My name is Rhonda Smith. My birth year says I am a millennial, my name says I am a boomer, but my soul is older than either. I am a social worker at a nursing home during the day and I attempt to write words here when I am not there.

I recently finished my seminary degree. When this topic comes up I filter all the questions from “Oh, you want to be a pastor?” to “Now you can be a chaplain!” No and probably not. I decided on seminary with the hope of being better equipped to serve in the local church. Kathy Keller once said, “I recommend that women be as theologically educated as possible. It can only be good for the church.” I agree.

I write to encourage others to see God’s grace and live to glorify Him. I want people to find hope in Him and I want people to rest in His faithfulness. He is good.

I would love to hear what makes you laugh, what brings you joy, how you are trusting in God, or how you would like to know what that means.



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